Inclusive training focuses on creating environments that permit people of all body types to maximize their experience and personal growth within the space. Wes focuses his inclusive training towards people living with disability, but his commitment to inclusion also reaches to communities of color and other marginalized groups. Inclusive training is every bit as focused towards business owners, community leadership, and others that help set guideposts for the communities we all inhabit. 

Adaptive training starts with the recognition that “the way it’s done” is not always the best fit for a particular individual. Adaptive training seeks to adjust the dynamics of exercise and workout maneuvers (or daily routines) so that they are better suited to the individual needs and circumstance of those who are participating. 

Wes experienced a life altering event in January of 2012 when he was shot multiple times by an assailant he did not know and was paralyzed from the waist down. It took him a few years, and a lot of education, to reclaim his independence. Once he’d done so, he became almost obsessive about helping to empower others sharing a similar experience, and in 2015 he set out to help guide anyone who is ready to reach their potential. 

Disabled But Not Really (DBNR) is a Not For Profit that Wesley founded that works to bring inclusive and adaptive training to underserved disabled communities. DBNR’s #Help MeFit Challenge has helped dozens of athletes living with disability feel the effect of personal empowerment and reclaim their independence. 

For business consulting, virtual often works better for everyone and most of Wesley’s business consulting is done virtually. When it comes to fitness planning and personal training, Wes would always encourage anyone who is capable of getting out and getting to a location to do so. However, under certain circumstance, Wes will work with a personal training in a remote setting. 

When he’s not on the road consulting or for speaking engagements, Wes works out and trains many clients at The TUF Club, Kansas City. TUF Club founder, Jabari Washington, makes a real commitment to creating genuinely inclusive environments and makes a great gym partner. 

Lyft, Waddell & Reed, US Bank, VMLY&R, Washington State University… those are just a few of the clients to whom Wesley has presented his story. Wes’s mission to help make the world more inclusive has taken him to Los Angeles, New York City, London, and as far as Africa in his travels. 

Speaking rates are highly project, location, time, and topic dependent. Wes’s speaking rates vary widely depending on the nature of the request. The best approach is to reach out, describe your event, and we can go from there. 

Wesley’s consulting rates vary by the topic under consideration. ADA & DEI consulting require a more concerted set of skills and knowledge and thus command a slightly higher rate. To see Wes’s current rates for social media, business, diversity, equity, and inclusion, or American’s With Disabilities act consulting are available for review at his consulting services page.

If you’re working with Wes directly as a personal fitness training client, his rates are typically $100/hr for in person fitness training and $50/hr for virtual fitness training. Wes works with a variety of Not For Profits, and charity initiatives, including Disabled But Not Really, which he founded specifically to help guide people living with disability who are struggling for means in seeking personal fitness. If his rates are simply beyond your reach, contact Wes directly to see if he may know of a spot available in any philanthropic program(s).