Wes in his living room with the Queer Eye Fab 5 surrounding him at the close of shooting for Season 4 Episode 2
Wes and the Fab 5 at the close of shooting for Queer Eye Season 4 Episode 2.

Being on Queer Eye

Being made into a “hero” on Queer Eye was such an amazing and humbling experience.

Wes with his hair blown out getting ready for his Queer Eye makeover.
Wes pre makeover from the Queer Eye crew.

There is so much to learn from this world. And sometimes we are put in positions to understand things from a different point of view. Being made into a “hero” on Queer Eye was such an amazing and humbling experience. It opened my eyes to see people for who they are from the inside out. And vice versa. I can’t speak for all of the Fab Five, but I truly believe on the last day we were all truly changed by one another.

Everything happens for a reason. The connection with the Fab Five was just part of the plan. I didn’t know what to expect since naturally I don’t hang around five gay men daily. I’m also a single father to a nine-year-old little girl, so the conversation about what that meant hadn’t been had yet. But, I believe in opportunity and impact. And most of all, I believe in change. I came into this opportunity being mindful and wanted my daughter to be open too. I’ve had interactions with people that were gay, but not an opportunity to truly connect.

My life has changed drastically in many ways since my injury. I’ve been put in situations that allowed me to constantly learn. Being on Queer Eye was no exception. And boy, did I learn a lot from The Fab Five. Thinking back on all the growth that week—it was crazy!

I didn’t even know the Fab Five was arriving on that first day. I thought the crew was coming over to redo an interview. But then the crew began setting up fancy lights and stuff. Still I was lost because I was new to this TV thing. What did I know? Lol. As I got mic’ed up, it seemed like time stopped. Overwhelmed by so many emotions, I thought, “This is really happening.”

The most powerful emotion was the excitement. That excitement I felt came from the fact that the situation was bigger than me. Way bigger. I was about to show the world what “Disabled but Not Really” was all about. I knew I could shed light on my boyhood community and show everyone that anything is possible. I wanted that one guy or gal that may be going through a hard time to find inspiration from my story.

I truly felt the world could get a piece of my energy that would radiate through the TV screens. I believe my role as a “hero” on Queer Eye was my opportunity to show anyone how you can be more than your circumstances, how you can be proud, and how you can live life so peacefully that you don’t even have the energy for judging others. And now the episode is here. Let the change and empowerment continue.

Wes sitting in his mother's living room during his first conversation with the Queer Eye group.
Meeting the Fab 5 for the first time.

But back to Day 1…

There was a knock at the door. Actually there were several knocks. After opening the door, the Fab Five greeted me and my daughter warmly. They were ready and I wasn’t. Lol. I knew it was time to leave the house, but I was still at a point like, “Man, do I want some strangers going through my personal space?” I just didn’t know what to expect, so I was a bit skeptical. After some laughs and such great energy, we headed out the house.

Then life hit us. My ramp collapsed, and there was a huge gap to where I couldn’t make it down. So the Fab Five picked me up and took me down the stairs. I put my life in their hands and survived. And now we are now friends, until the end.

More Fab Five stories comin’—stay tuned!





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Getting to know the Fab 5
Getting to know the Fab 5

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