Wesley Hamilton brings a unique perspective to his consulting services. His career trajectory and personal life intersect in a very interesting way. Wesley’s business clients gain a lot of insight from the set of viewpoints his life path fosters. Wesley brings a focus that spans a critical blend of professional experience and everyday practical living. He has been an entrepreneur and philanthropist for more than half a decade. He’s grown both a personal training business as well as a national not for profit – first growing and branding his  adaptive fitness business for athletes living with disability and then founding and managing Disabled But Not Really. Wes is most focused on ADA & DEI consulting given that he is living his life as an expert. He also offers social media campaign advisement and more generalized business consulting for strategy and growth.

Wes Hamilton consulting services smiling seated in his wheelchair wearing a sky blue with slightly darker blue patterned dress shirt and khaki pants.
Wes Hamilton offers a variety of consulting services for ADA & DEI, public speaking services, and inclusive and adaptive training for people living with disability.


Wesley Hamilton has helped dozens of companies with their communication strategy. He specializes in ADA & DEI consulting focused on creating blended environments that are inviting to everyone. With and expertise that is part professional and part lived experience, Wes has helped companies such as Lyft with their efforts to be as inclusive as possible.


As the founder of Disabled But Not Really (DBNR), Wes is in charge of near constant fundraising efforts. Before that he grew his own personal network for his adaptive training business. He has broad experience with social media campaign development. Wes knows how to help individuals and brands maintain and grow audience.


As an entrepreneur, Wesley’s experiences span multiple categories. He manages a national Not For Profit with DBNR and before that he grew his own personal training business and brand. He knows how to balance expectations and excellence among executives and employee pools alike.