Wes being surprised by the Fab 5 on Today show.
Surprise! It's the Fab 5!

Surprise! The Today Show + The Fab Five

Wes taking a selfie with the Fab Five Queer Eye Guys
Wes taking a selfie with the Fab Five.

Not long after Season 4 of Queer Eye debuted on Netflix, the directing and production crew contacted me.

There was so much buzz going around about my episode—I wouldn’t say I was super shocked about getting the call to interview with the Fab Five again. What did blow my mind was when the QE team mentioned traveling to New York City to film the interview on the Today Show!

On top of that, the QE team wanted me to go on a surprise mission—none of the Fab Five would know about the Season 4 heroes who were coming. What?! That didn’t seem real. Seems like I’m constantly living in a fairytale. I mainly watched the Today Show during the holidays. But I knew the show has tons of viewers. And again, a trip to NYC to see my QE fam? Hell yeah, I was in!

Surprising the Fab Five had me wondering—how was I supposed to keep such a good secret? My social media presence had grown because of the QE episodes, and I was so grateful. And the trip to New York was my first timeFab Five and the Today Show shooting day! traveling as a “celeb.”

I was so caught up in all the excitement that I didn’t realize how much I posted when I arrived in NYC. No one reached out to say stop. Lol. And of course, the lovely Fab Five follow my Instagram stories and stay connected.

But I just couldn’t contain myself. It was Wesley takes over NYC, and all my new friends on social media needed to know.

Soooo, as the interview day arrived, I went over to the Today Show studio. (I can talk more later about the NYC accessibility problem.) But overall, I was pretty blown away about the whole experience and the celeb treatment. I still kept my cool.

The Fab Five was doing all types of stuff that morning, so the Today Show producers had me tucked in sort of a backroom to keep the surprise. After about an hour or so, things started moving. As I was preparing, a friend of Bobby’s come by. He said, “Wes, Bobby said you were in NYC and thinks you’re coming to surprise them.” I was like, “Ohhhhhhhhh, shit.” He then said that Bobby shared the update with the rest of the Fab Five on the ride there. Cover blown? Nah, not yet. Lol.

So, I texted Bobby and told him I saw his stories and noticed they were in NYC. I advised him to connect with me before he left so we could grab a meal. Whew!

Then it was time for the reveal.

The Fab Five had awesome reactions. Photo courtesy of the Today Show.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…with a little push from the sound guy, there I was on stage with everyone. It was truly a mind-blowing experience. The expressions on everyone’s face showed they were truly surprised. It was like a family reunion. So much to say, so little time. Just smile and wave, Wesley, so we can get to the back and chat.

That’s really how it all happened. In and out of NYC in a couple days, but wow. Just fucking wow. I was on the Today Show, reunited with my QE family. It was EPIC.

Leveling up that selfie game. Photo courtesy of Tan France.

Outside NBC 30 Rock for Today Show with Fab FiveAfter the interview, me and the Fab Five hung out a bit. And guess who else was there! Kathy from Season 4 ❤️. That woman has one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. We all chatted about how things were going since the show. It was really good catching up. Jonathan and Tan even shared some tips for social media and taking selfies.

I got to see the way showbiz operates in real life. And it was amazing.

But, the surprise mission on the Today Show wasn’t the end of my NYC trip. Many people reached out on social media asking to meet up, and that’s what I did. So many people from all over the world want to meet me. It’s truly humbling ❤️. I loved every bit of the conversations we shared.

Finally, a trip wouldn’t be a trip if Jess from Season 3 didn’t catch a train from Philadelphia to hang. Yes, she did that just for me. We took a stroll around downtown NYC and got to know each other more. We had such a great time and enjoyed our conversation while eating a great meal at Whole Foods.

The Fab Five, Kathy, and Jess—that’s just part of my QE fam. And I’m grateful for everything about the QE experience. I truly love each of the QE family members and the bonds that we have. Until next time, all!

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