Wes in the barber's chair with the barber, Jonathan Van Ness, and his daughter, Nevaeh
Gettin fresh with Jonathan Van Ness.

Fresh Wes with Jonathan Van Ness

I truly knew who Jonathan Van Ness was from the moment he entered my home.

It took a little time to get to know all of the Fab Five of Queer Eye. But I truly knew who Jonathan Van Ness was from the moment he entered my home. He had great energy that he carried directly into Nevaeh’s room for girl time. It was cool to see how he gravitated toward her. One thing I truly appreciate about Jonathan is that he gave my daughter a different perspective on everything. He dug in and connected with her. I knew that was how the week was gonna go—more of a connection between Jonathan and Nevaeh. But that put my mind at ease since she’d get good attention too.

Jonathan Van Ness and Nevaeh bonding with a high five.
 Jonathan and Nevaeh bonding.

The week was chaotic working with all of the Fab Five, but I knew that the grooming was coming. Jonathan loved my hair. I mean, he LOVED it. I hadn’t cut it since the day I was shot. We’re talking years of letting it grow. But Jonathan and I both knew it was time for a change and some self-care. And I was ready.

People describe Jonathan as spicy, and I saw why while we were filming the haircut. He wouldn’t have his feisty rep otherwise. But Jonathan was making things happen! My long hair had been a shield for me to maintain the old look of Wes. But Jonathan pushed me to accept the challenge of letting go.

For the big haircut, Jonathan and I went to East and West, a barbershop and clothing store. I truly respected Jonathan for asking a barber for help. It takes a lot to admit when you’re not skilled in everything in your area. Jonathan still had a great vision for my look that I’m still maintaining.

My first look at the fresh cut.

The whole grooming process turned out fun and gave me time to learn more about Jonathan. He did my daughter’s hair while I got mine cut. Jonathan showed so much love to Nevaeh and helped her feel special. It made me smile when I realized that Nevaeh felt extra pretty that day. That experience definitely strengthened their bond.

One of the things I respect most about Jonathan is that he is truly proud about being the unique person he is. I love that he lives his truest life. That’s what he shows and that’s what he gives. Jonathan Van Ness doesn’t worry about how others perceive him or what image they may have of him. And that really gave me clarity. I knew I needed to be true to myself regardless of what other people think of my image.

Jonathan Van Ness, thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for Nevaeh. And thank you for what you did for me. Our connection was so much bigger than the grooming session. Our bond taught me to be free of an old image. My fresh cut gave me more confidence and helped me to match my outside with the person I was on the inside. After that, I knew I could accept myself—no more shield needed.

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