One of the first entrepreneurial endeavors that grabbed Wes’s attention was his own personal training business. After realizing the virtues of personal empowerment and claiming his own potential, Wesley was motivated to help guide that journey for others. He has been a personal trainer, fitness consultant, and nutrition expert, for more than half a decade now. Wes focuses on inclusive and adaptive training techniques for people living with disability. But he is a personal trainer for people of all body types who need a little outside perspective or extra motivation. 

Wesley Hamilton in his wheelchair wearing a black tank top and ripped blue jeans with orange shoes showing his very large biceps as a result of his adaptive training methods.
Wes in a white t-shirt addressing a gym full of students speaking about adaptive training and inclusive environments.


Wes is committed to creating inclusive training environments for all of his clients. The spaces where he meets his clients are accessible and accommodating. Beyond that though, they are functioning gyms and businesses in their own right. The community generated by the variety of individuals seeking to reach a higher potential is truly motivating for everyone involved. Wes grew up east of Troost in Kansas City, MO. Thus he has an appreciation for nurturing blended environments that goes beyond his talents helping people living with disability. Currently working out of The TUF Club Kansas City, he’s found a partner gym that meets these high standards. 


Every body has its idiosyncrasies. Some exercises and workout maneuvers work better when they are adapted to meet the needs, goals, growth curves, and other dynamic aspects of an individual’s best workout routine. Wes has more than five years experience tuning physical programs to meet the ideal parameters for the clients he works with. Combining his personal experience and enhancing it with education in nutrition and performance, he helps his clients find their peak. All you need to be is ready… ready to be everything you’re capable of being. 

Wes with his back turned to the camera sitting in his wheelchair working with a group of other athletes and clients in wheelchairs during an adaptive training session.